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Digital Curator training & tool box

The main goal of DCbox is to create a new generation of European professionals working in the cultural heritage sector, equipped with a recognised, cross-cutting and high-level digital skillset.

The Digital Curator

The Digital Curator is an emerging professional profile: its relevance has been emphasised by the CoVid-19 pandemic and the consequent need to rely on digital, smart and connected museums. Nevertheless, up to date there’s no single, unanimously agreed reference framework as well as a reference curriculum to empower learners with skills, competences and expertise a DC should provide, that is a synthesis of technical knowhow and humanistic background.

It is for this reason that 6 different partners (4 Universities, 1 research centre, 1 academic network, and 1 IT private enterprise) from 5 different EU Mediterranean countries (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Serbia and Cyprus) have decided to join their forces and create the project


By providing European teachers and students with a Digital Curation Toolkit, an innovative digital and robust learning method, particularly focused on
humanities and design
disciplines and work-based learning activities for Higher Education Institutions (HEI), the project aims at

  • supporting recognized skills for a new generation of professionals in creative and culture sectors 
  • testing effective digital practices in the digital curation post-pandemic scenario.


Addressing digital transformation through development of

  • Digital readiness
  • Resilience
  • Capacity
  • Culture and creativity
  • Suitable knowledge
  • Responsibility

Our Work

The DCbox project intends to overcome difficulties encountered during the first phase of remote learning activities caused by lock-down and build a relevant and upto-date training curriculum for digital curators providing a new toolbox for this new European professionals.

In particular, the lack of university training activities oriented to the “learning by doing” model in virtual classes, which is a gap between the theoretical approach offered to the student and the essential practical experience to fix concepts.


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A critical mapping and clustering of recognised skillset \ regulation state of art across Europe, based on an in-depth analysis and collection of best practices among digital cultural heritage tools and strategies for museums and cultural organizations.


A tool-box in which learning outcomes will be tracked and evaluated (via the KPI definition/assessment), also reporting the hands-on experiences carried out during trainees co-tutored by universities and museums.


VE prototypes co-designed and tested by students through creative living labs focused on 5 different aspects of cultural heritage curation and assessing skills on 5 complementary technologies: Digital Library, Gaming, Immersive experience, Mobile geolocated app and Digital Storytelling.


A virtual space for education, designing, prototyping, rousing creativity and increasing knowledge of students, trainers, mentors and institutions.


A career-based learning module based on a formal/informal education format (e.g. MOOC, virtual and real time lessons, virtual collaborative rooms etc.) for Digital Curator professionals (DCH curricula).

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