Associated partners

Associated partners

The associated partners are museums and cultural institutions based in all the involved countries of DC Box. They are engaged in the experimental-virtual work-based learning experiences, they are stakeholder for the virtual prototypes of DC Box and will serve as demonstration sites of the digital transformation of tools and processes.
The associated partners also host the traineeships for the Higher Education students.

Academia Portuguesa de Cinema

Civic network museums of Ascoli Piceno

Civic Gallery “Francesco Podesti” in Ancona

Byzantine Museum of Nicosia

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia

Municipality of Fuente Obejuna

Local Action Group of Alto Guadiato

Ponisavlje – Pirot Museum

Museu Bordalo Pinheiro

Museu da Lourinhã

Centro de Estudos Históricos da Lourinhã

Aspiring Geoparque Oeste

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