and Goals

The University of Córdoba is the activity leader of the Result R2 – LEARNING MODULES.

The activity Goal

A career-based learning module based on a formal/informal education format (e.g. MOOC, virtual and real time lessons, virtual collaborative rooms etc.) for Digital Curator professionals (DCH curricula).

Deliverable 2.1 (M5): Methodology for the learning modules and LAB


This activity will identify and design the methodology that make possible the empowerment of students through a horizontal and collaborative approach and serves the purpose of this activity.

The foreseen learning activities and workshop laboratories also lead to the definition of the conceptual structure and main functionalities of the learning platform (namely DCBox) UNIVPM; UCO, CYI; LUS, UNIMED, UNI). ​​

Deliverable 2.2 (M6): Digital Curation Curriculum


UNIVPM, supported by UCO and UNIMED, will produce a draft of the syllabus containing the topics previously identified grouped in modules. Once the draft is produced it will be shared among the other partners as to allow for a review of its contents. Once all partner will have reviewed the provisional syllabus, UNIVPM will produce the definitive one.

Deliverable 2.3 (M11): Learning Modules


Basing its activity on the result from Del 2.1 and 2.2, the consortium will produce all the teaching materials that will cover the topics of the syllabus. The specification on the number of materials and their typology has been already stated in deliverable 2.1. Teaching materials production will be subdivided among partners as follows: 

  • Teaching materials on skills with particular focus on cutting edge & sustainable digitization for CH: UNIVPM, CYI,UCO, UNI; 
  • Teachingmaterials on storytelling methods, pedagogical & learning tools, marketing & communication skills:


Lastly, the consortium will discuss the option of translating all the produced teaching materials in every partners’ language/s. The partnership has also
considered essential to provide
English subtitles for each lesson
making the learning modules as
accessible as possible.


DC BOX logo_DEFINITIVO_Tavola disegno 1 copia 11


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