• Post published:September 1, 2023
You are currently viewing Next generation heritage jobs: digital curator. European Heritage Tribune talks about DCbox

In a world increasingly shaped by digitalization, the role of Digital Curators is taking center stage in preserving our cultural heritage.
European Heritage Tribune highlights the evolving landscape where heritage meets data management in its new article.

“All this data management and related processes require people who know a lot about heritage but are also comfortable working with data files and sets. And it’s not just us at the Tribune noticing a need for workers who can operate at the intersection of digital and heritage. […] the Union highlights the DC Box consortium, a project that is currently working on the development of a free and open online course to train digital curators for heritage. The end product should contain researched and innovative educational material regarding the knowledge/skills/competencies a digital curator should have.”

We are honoured that DCbox is among the projects selected by Heritage Tribune in the field of digital curator research, being part of this pivotal change for the next generation of heritage jobs is a great responsibility.

Together, we are shaping a future of our heritage that needs to be preserved and enhanced through digital innovation.