• Post published:May 15, 2024
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University of Cordoba Multiplier Event

14th May 2024 - Spain

On May 14, 2024, the DCBox local Multiplier Event “Cultural Heritage and Digital World: the figure of Digital Curator” took place in the Pedro López de Alba building of the University of Córdoba. The main objective of this Multiplier Event was to show and disseminate the results obtained by the DCBox project regarding the figure and the definition of the Digital Curator profession.

The event brought together academic personalities and representatives of Andalusian public institutions responsible for the management and conservation of cultural heritage.

 In the first part of the event, Prof. Antonio Monterroso (UCO) and PhD Massimo Gasparini (UCO) presented to the community the results of the DCBox Project, focusing especially on the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) “Digital Curator training & tool box”.

In the second part of the event, the students of the Faculty of Humanities of UCO involved in the project presented the results of their participation in the Living Lab on Digital Library that was focused on the digitisation of various typologies of archaeological finds preserved in the the local museum of the Spanish town of Fuente Obejuna (Province of Córdoba).

In the last part of the event, exponents of Andalusian Regional Institutions regarding Cultural Heritage (Director of the Archaeological Museum of Córdoba; Director of the UNESCO World Heritage Archaeological Site of Madinat al-Zahra; Supervisor of Cultural Heritage for the Province of Córdoba), Director of the Local Archaeological Museum of Doña Mencía, Professors of Archaeology of the University of Córdoba and University of Málaga participated in a round-table session where they shown the experience of their proper public institutions about the digital cultural heritage and the difficulties that the same institutions have to faced, generally regarding the lack of knowledge of the personnel.

The most remarkable conclusion of this Multiplier Event was that  all the stakeholders participating in the round-table agreed with the importance of the implementation of specific courses on Digital Curation of Cultural Heritage in the University of Córdoba in short-medium term, in order to offer a training provided that allows to the students to achieve knowledges and skills useful for an effective introduction into the field of work of the management of the Cultural Heritage.