• Post published:May 20, 2024
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Cyprus Institute Multiplier Event

18th May 2024 - Nicosia

On May 18, 2024, the DCBox local Multiplier Event of The Cyprus Institute took place in at The Cyprus Institute, Aglantzia Campus in Nicosia Cyprus. The main objective of this Multiplier Event was to show and disseminate the results obtained by the DCBox project regarding the figure and the definition of the Digital Curator profession.

The primary goal of this multiplier event was to showcase and disseminate the results of the DCBox student projects, as well as innovative practices developed by students at the Cyprus Institute. It was intended to showcase the students’ upskilling throughout the course of the DCBox project. This initiative stems from the Cyprus Institute’s contributions developed in the context of DCBox. The international event attracted numerous experts from the region and beyond in the fields of cultural heritage and heritage science, including authorities and museum staff as well as university affiliates. As a session in a larger conference, it was possible to have discussions and explore cutting-edge approaches and share experiences with the audience.

At the forefront of the dedicated session, were the achievements and activities carried out by students and teachers in the Living Labs’ part of the project, which highlighted the skills that the students gained and also how they managed to practically apply them to develop digital tools that could potentially benefit cultural heritage institutions and the GLAM industry by means of innovative products and services.