• Post published:January 16, 2023
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During the International Workshop (Lisbon, 7-9 December 2022), the DCbox partnership held the learning training activity and the 3-day meeting focused on:

_DAY 1: Platform for training modules and co-creation channel

The discussion focused on the platform that will host the learning modules, highlighting its ability to make education activities and their communication more efficient and effective.

_DAY 2: Monitoring state of the art of the Project and study visit to Museu de Lisboa

The agenda of the second day was focused on the review of project progresses and achieved\expected results, the quality\impact evaluation, and the communication\dissemination activities.

In the afternoon session, partners had the opportunity to visit the Museu de Lisboa, a very good example of state-of-the-art museum with a private visit held by Prof. Paulo Almeida Fernandes (Director of Research and Inventory).

_DAY 3: International Workshop and Boot Camp

The third day was devoted to the International Conference and Boot Camp.

DCbox partners, students, actors in the field of cultural heritage, and professionals from Portuguese Museums and Cultural Heritage Agents gathered to discuss about the DCbox approach, expected results and activities and the teeded digital practices and skills for a new generation of professionals in creative and culture sectors.

The event was paired to the Online Boot Camp that was planned to start the activities of the DCBox Result 4, carrying out a first design thinking phase for Digital Cultural Heritage experiences.