• Post published:March 4, 2024
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UCO Living Lab

We’re happy to share a glimpse into our latest activities carried out by the University of Córdoba: the Living LAB on Digital Library! 
In January 2024, our dedicated students embarked on a captivating journey, delving into the rich history encapsulated within the archaeological collection of the Local Museum of Fuente Obejuna, nestled in the heart of Córdoba, Spain. From the Neolithic era to the Roman Age, every artifact tells a story of its own.

Through scientific photographic data acquisition, their focus lies in the creation of photogrammetric 3D models, breathing life into these relics from the past. But that’s not all! Students and teachers are also on a mission to build an online digital repository, ensuring that these digital twins are accessible to all, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for our shared cultural heritage. 

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